Hello Friends, as promised by our Car Experts, we would be bringing you day to day and head to head car comparisons of same segments. Now we bring you some car comparisons between AUDI A4, MERCEDES C-CLASS, BMW 3 SERIES AND JAGUAR XE.

This will help you decide and choose the right car as per your requirements.


The Audi A4, the mid-range luxury sedan has always been stealing the peace of BMW 3 series models. Prior to the Jaguar XE the company doesn’t entertain the compact sedan class. But, the beautifully made XE has a great driving experience and is competing with its rival Mercedes C-Class cars.

All the four cars are always seen in the highways of United Arab Emirates.



Audi A4 has the best cabin due to its interior build quality and superbly furnished cockpit. Whereas BMW 3 series model managed to bring a new slimmest body and the cabin design looks little bit old style.


Interior & Exterior:

The key part lies in the interior; this works well with Mercedes C-Class with dashing look. The Jaguar XE on the other hand comes with a cheap plastic made dashboard which reduces the overall image of the car.



The practicality of the cars will be a major part; Audi A4 has a massive head and leg room when compared to the rival Mercedes-C. Audi claiming a total capacity of 17 cubic feet of trunk space. For BMW 3 series there is a decent head room and 13 cubic feet trunk space. When it comes to practicality of the XE car has 15.9 cubic feet which is far better when compared to BMW 3 series model.

Audi A4 has plenty of room for luggage and space in interiors. The SE, a sports model of Audi A4 will be more comfortable for you than the normal one.



With a 2 liter four cylinder turbocharged gasoline units in Audi A4 will offer 252 hp which is more than enough of power needed in mid-range sedan cars. In BMW 3 series models most of the horse power is ranged from 180 to 244. Jaguar XE offers a decent range of engine with 180 hp eight speed automatic transmission pumps the car into 60 mph at 5.1 seconds. XE is one of the cheapest car in this range.

Mercedes C-Class comes from a 2.0 liter turbocharged with 273 hp dominates the rival cars.

Safety Measures:

XE comes with an efficient safety measures with front, side and curtain airbags placed properly. On the safety point of view jaguar XE users no need to worry, with the car achieving an excellent result in its Euro NCAP crash test in 2015. BMW and Mercedes C-Class were all equipped with the same but with a five-star rating from NHTSA.

A4 comes with side throax, side cutain airbags, electronic brake forces and so on. Audi A4 feels safe inside.

Advanced features:

All Audi A4 models will have a standard leather seats. Premium trims will add a luxury exterior look and built-in navigation will come with a price tag on it. Executive BMW 3 series models will come with an additional sheet of check boxes where you can tick the required luxury items to add up the total car value. Jaguar XE users need to pay an additional $1,000 if they need cold weather package to place in.

Audi A4 offers a wide range of technology gadgets, that will be liked by young people around the world. The virtual cockpit is configured with digital and configuring instruments. A wide screen led display can be mounted in the cockpit in order to get full navigation system. It doesn’t end with cockpit; it has a beautiful MMI infotainment system that allows people to enjoy the real music. Audi A4 also has well configured apps that enable weather report and online fuel prices nearby all this comes for six months of free usage and later we need to pay of this.

Mercedes C Class has all new LED headlamps which are integrated in daytime running lamps and the fog lamps are additional one. The C-Class is differently designed to opt for the new users.

Value for Money:

Mercedes-Benz C, BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE and Audi A4 all cars price range is starting from AED 250,000.

XE is little over priced when compared to other 3. Even though XE looks good outside the Mercedes C Class has a luxury cabin that worth buying. Audi A4 on the other hand has very good practicality in means of engine power and its built-in tech gadgets.

BMW 3 series play well but lacks lot of best features when compared to Mercedes C-class. Jaguar XE only looks luxury rather than the performance. Audi A4 is more practical sedan compared to its rivals.

BMW 3 series play well but lacks lot of best features when compared to Mercedes C-class. Jaguar XE only looks luxury rather than the performance. Audi A4 is more practical sedan compared to its rivals.


When you love luxury then go for Mercedes C Class, if it comes to safety first then go to BMW 3 series.

Audi A4 makes more sense in point of executive sedan. XE is not far below any perspective if you love very good driving experience then your choice will be Jaguar XE.

The Mercedes C-Class goes classier than ever before as it offers to upset BMW’s all-conquering 3 Series and Jaguar XE. The Mercedes C-Class has economic engines and has a comfortable ride. Although the car has reasonable sound coming from its exhaust which will be uncomfortable for some users.

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