To help shoppers who want to buy SUV from United Arab Emirates. We have come up with a best three possible SUV’s people will go for. This list of cars for the most adored SUV’s are based on data analysis and it is presented to you buy our car analysts. Insights will help you to buy the best one out of Audi Q5, Volvo XC600 and BMW X3.



Most of the Emiratis will love to take their family on SUVs daily. The finest SUVs are identified mostly by its spacious interior, number of seats and its engine performance. This is why Abu Dhabi and Dubai roads are flooded with SUVs. When we compare our list of SUVs we have to go profound into its details. Definitely there is a cheap car out of this three SUVs. And, you won’t guess the car until you finish reading.


Audi Q5 is elegantly styled SUV with first class finish on both the interior and exterior cars. This model from Audi has launched in 2008. In the latest version of Q5 the grille looks the same and its new LED headlight has a decent upgrade. As the Audi Q5 now using a Matrix LED headlights.

BMW X3 looks great from outside which has heavily built bonnet and bold slashes across the door brings its aggressive look. Volvo XC60s is the oldest car as like of Audi Q5 but it lacks some rivals best shape and look.

Interior & Exterior:

Audi always plan ahead of its contender with the premium luxury. Pure leather all over the seats definitely showcase the best of Audi’s hereditary. Audi Q5 MMI application is the best in class and it is very user-friendly. Also, its virtual cockpit display completes the cockpit and in turn satisfies the people luxury desires. Even though its old model it looks pretty inside. BMW X3 shares interiors with some of its own cheaper BMW line-ups. Dashboard looks sharp and sporty but lacks its perspective towards SUV.



Audi Q5 is stylish as well as practical too. When we look into its boot capacity we can clearly get the idea how German company thought as it needs to carry a family for the ride. Yes, the boot space is too huge to think we no need to worry when we go for a country road trip. It has 550-litre boot capacity and when it comes to interior it is providing 610 liters’ space. But, there is also a damaging view when a traveler need to sacrifice his legroom at the rear end.

The Volvo XC60 on the other hand won’t lacks legroom as it comfier inside and looks spacious too. However, its boot capacity is far less when compared to its rival Audi Q5 with only 495 liters.

Okay, what about BMW X3. This model in this segment is also offering plenty of legroom between seats and can accommodate heavy items in its boot. Extremely different option is there inside the boots of BMW X3, the car is plugged with a 12-volt socket. The boot space is still similar to Audi and far better than Volvo XC 60.



It’s time to check the engine performance. Only Audi comes in two variant one diesel and the other petrol. Most prefer 3.0 liter V6 engine provide a smooth acceleration. With 248 horse power it is quick and an efficient one. It is one of the best in fuel economy and is emitting less co2. This is only car at the moment which had considerably reduced co2 emission in TFSI model. The redesigned engine is light weight and is 90 kg less when compared to other TFSI models.

The Volvo XC60 is lined up in diesel variant only. Front wheel drive with maximum power of 181 horse power is not too impressive with eight speed transmission. 1984 cc bring only a fuel economy of 14.7 km per liter. Although it is a five-cylinder engine it lacks the performance with BMW X3 and Audi Q5.

BMW X3 is available at 3 models one in diesel which has a 4-cylinder engine and other two variants with 6-cylinder engine. All variants are considerably smooth and produce an operative driving experience. We can expect this cars pulling power and will reach 0-62 miles per hour in just 5.2 seconds.

Safety Measures:

All models are equipped with safety kits and measures. When it comes to Audi Q5 it outshines the rivals by staggering 5-star rating from NCAP. As you’d expect, the Volvo XC60 is available with a wealth of safety kit, while the driving experience and equipment offered are geared very much towards family buyers. This SUV comes with a 6 Airbags, BMW X3 and Audi Q5 comes with additional two total of 8 air bags that makes you feel safe while riding.

Advanced features:

Q5 gets plenty of safety technology like adaptive cruise control system and one of the most notable lane assist technology makes this car a standout position. Parking also has security built-ins like parking assistant that warns you whenever you are about to hit the obstacles.

Value for Money:

Three SUVs are more are like of same price around 250,000 AED. Every car in this segment has an impressive practicality and performance. Volvo comes with comfy interior but it lacks performance with the other two. There are plenty of built-in features in the new BMW X3 but the price of the car is little higher with the specification.


Audi Q5 has the most features out there but it is costly from the other two rivals. If you love space and luxury you can go for Audi Q5. When it comes to price yes Volvo XC60 is not too bad for opting. BMW X3 has more on practicality and it will be in the middle.

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