Minivans in United Arab Emirates rooted back in 1980’s when American automakers introduced to the families who wants spacious, comfortable vehicles and are willing to compromise luxury in their travel. Our Car editors thought of comparing the top three budget minivans that outfits UAE roads.

Minivan shoppers who wishes to buy a budget vans can take a note of the following comparison between Dodge Grand Caravan, Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna.



To be precise the Dodge Grand Caravan was first introduced in 1984, it was a hit back then for few years of launch; later due to its lack of innovation its rivals outfit this car. In mid-90’s this car was not fully recommended by any reviewers.

Later the automaker had a comeback with powerful engine and its improved cabin space pulls it reputation and entered in the market with a bang. Its main competitor is always Honda and Toyota.

Honda Odyssey has a long history in redesigning and shaping. Now the new 2017 Honda Odyssey promises high convenience and versatility. This car is configured with number of latest technology.

Yes, the Toyota Sienna an all-wheel drive has almost 30 years of existence in United Arab Emirates, we used to say this car as a family mover with the new model equipped with power booster in its core.


The tenth redesign of Dodge Grand Caravan is looks bit dowdy. Most of things and its outfits makes us feel old. The blocky exterior styling has not been changed over years not even in the latest model.

Honda Odyssey looks visually interesting due to its unique arched roofline. Our rivals don’t have this highlight; carefully designed chrome give Honda Odyssey an overall look and feel. Near the mirror windows guises little which provides a futuristic look. Grille doesn’t suit well but all together the car fits in minivan group in style.

Toyota Sienna has a different look because of its sliding doors. Sienna is definitely a large van measuring 200 inches long and 78 inches’ wide. The roofline and grille looks classic and placed gently upwards.


Interior & Exterior:

The Toyota Sienna is comfortable inside, the downside of the car looks horizontal and built with plastic. Most the dashboard looks dull; even though passengers can ride a pleasant travel due to its well-built supportive seats.

Dodge Grand Caravan contained subpar material and its uninspired design looks not appealing. Its rival Honda Odyssey appears more terrain; the instrument panel in the dashboard looks simple and has larger user controls.



Toyota Sienna has one of the widest and longest car in this group; beating its rival Honda Odyssey and Dodge Grand. Due to its widest seats the Sienna can accommodate five people in the rear seat. It has plenty of leg room and head room which bring a good overall rating in comfortable satisfaction. Boot is one of the important thing to consider as it has removable items to get more space for a country trip. With back seat folded nearly 40 cubic feet of space will be freed for luggage. If we want even more space the Toyota Sienna has another option by folding second-row seat, there by leading an enormous 118 cubic feet of space. You can carry almost any mid-sized thing in this van.

When it comes to practicality Honda Odyssey seem little uncomfortable compared to Toyota Sienna. Headroom in last seats were not suited for adults; but for few minutes they can sit stable in there. The material inside the car are very easy clean. As like of Toyota Sienna it has an option for fold last and second last seats.



Toyota Sienna is an all-wheel drive to be frank the performance is unexceptional. The V6 engine agreeably performing good emitting a lesser sound. This 3.5-liter engine is built with direct fuel injection and a rough 296 horse power bring additional value to this car. It will take merely 15.4 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour acceleration.

Honda Odyssey is little faster and quicker compared to its rival Toyota Sienna. As the V6 engine pulls the car and reaches 60 miles per hour in 8.8 seconds.

Dodge Grand has a 3 liter V6 engine which produce 150 horse power, this is far less compared to its both rivals. But, the car comes in dual variant; it has another 3.8 liter V6 engine which produces a maximum of 180 horse power which is quite considerable.

Safety Measures:

Toyota Sienna has safety equipment’s like stability and traction control. This also comes in adaptive cruise control with automated emergency breaking.

Honda Odyssey has all new Honda Sensitive suite equipped in all its model. The Dodge Sienna has few active safety features that are not offered by its rival. They are blind spot and rear cross traffic alert.

Advanced features:

Dodge Grand Caravan has automatic climate control which is the only unique part of infotainment. Sienna has Entune Audio Plus and a usb port. Sienna has a special feature called dual moonproof and an overhead console.

The infotainment feature of Honda Odyssey has an eight-inch information display with built in 2 giga bytes storage capacity.


Value for Money:

Dodge Grand Caravan has on road at AED 76,000 this is the cheapest among its rival Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna. Sienna selling at AED 96,000 and Honda Odyssey selling at AED 105,000.


If you want to buy a stylish and more boot space minivan you can go for Toyota Sienna. If you need bit luxury and engine performance you can go for Honda Odyssey. We never recommend Dodge Grand Caravan only if you need a cheap vehicle which satisfies space and comfy.

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