When you make a decision to buy a car, you will need to spend enough time on choosing the smartest one at best price. That is the reason you are spending most of your time reading reviews and comparing cars. If you come up with the best decision you ever take before buying a particular make, then there should be some best decision makers behind it. Our car analysts will provide you an in-depth research on all possible cars.

If you are confused to choose between Honda Accord and Ford Fusion. Then it is the right place to get started.



Finding the best sedan cars are very challenging as almost certainly all car manufacturers will have a sedan classification. There are different views while choosing the best sedan car; one of this is which category people will use the car after buying it. Really, anyone who looking for a well-rounded family car then you will defiantly end with this particular pair of cars. The 2017 Honda Accord and the 2017 Ford Fusion will be the best choice ever make while choosing between sedans. Okay, lets gets deeper to see what stands out of this pair.


There is a significant update and performance improvement in the new Ford Fusion 2017 model. The revised styling provides the car with a cutting edge look both in the interior as well as exterior. Fine furnishing makes it a popular among car lovers. Most sedan shoppers love the way of its new advance infotainments and its sporty look.

Consumer tastes can be picky. There are slight changes has been included in 2017 Honda Accord; only changes that was built in the new edition is its heated leather seats and a sport trim. Honda delivering comfortable, reliable, and safe family transportation for four decades. For a while Honda Accord delivering consumers in the constant way.


Interior & Exterior:

Standard features of Honda Accord included with a dual zone automatic climate control and a multi-functional steering wheel. There are some other infotainments which will add points to Honda Accord. They are Bluetooth connectivity with hands-free calling, smartphone music playback, Pandora streaming audio and even SMS text-message competency.

Inside the Ford Fusion we can see a significant amount of changes from the old Fusion cars. The new advanced console is the first one to notice by the Drivers when they enter the car. Rotary knob gear shift is also a noticeable one. This allows the manufacturers to get enough space; that will allow car them to add room for better cup holders and the cell-phone cradles. The nice looking speedometer is placed at the center of the gauge area. Old styled volume knob had pushed the limits of infotainment system, as it gives a classy look.



The cabin space plays a major part in differentiating the best from the two. Either way the both Honda Accord and Ford Fusion 2017 models are the most spacious cars in this segment. These cars give enough space in the front and rear area. Perhaps Honda Accord is bit spacious and comfortable in the back.


At the base Honda Accord has a 2.4 liter inline 4-cylinder engine making 185 horse power. The LX, Sport, Sport SE, and EX come standard with a 6-speed manual transmission and are available with a continuously variable transmission.

Big change for the new Ford Fusion is its 2.0 liter V6 turbo charged engine. This allows to drive smooth even at 325 horse power. The Honda Accord its output of 185 horse power and 181 lb-ft of torque results in above-average acceleration. Which should be quicker than the Fusion’s 2.0-liter despite returning essentially the same fuel economy, at 21 miles per gallon in city.

The Honda Accord has long been one of the best midsize sedans to drive, offering a blend of comfort and driver control that’s just right for many buyers.

When we tested it in the track, we were highly impressed by Honda Accord as the front seats are greatly supportive for the ride. Despite some drawbacks with manual transmission, Accord looks durable with engine capacity.

Safety Measures:

Safety is one of the important concern for every shopper. Built-in technology is the key while comparing the Honda Accord and Fusion. Crash test results also support Ford Fusion in this. The major update from Ford is its collision prevention package this earns Fusion a good score in safety measures.

The latest version of Honda Accord comes with a full-fledged safety package. First option you can see is anti-lock disc brakes which are efficient, then the adaptive cruise control features the best option available, it comes with six airbags.

Advanced features:

Then new Ford fusion has a built-in forward-collision warning and auto-braking system heads the rival Honda Accord.

According to UK government the Honda Accord earned the top five-star rating for safety measures. It may be silly we refer about wipres; but this model Honda Accord has it in automatic way.

Value for Money:

Honda Accord price starting at 80,000 AED and the 2017 Ford Fusion is starting above 88,000 AED.

Honda Accord will be somewhat sensible to opt for but Fusions good looks and it’s much better driving experience will tweak you to go for it. Which is high at price value but the Ford Fusion is spot-on to its name as an excellent combination of nimble good gazes, responsive, fuel-efficient powertrains, and impressive comfort and interior space has bigger advantages than its rival Accord.


If you want more functionality and performance you can go for Ford Fusion and Honda Accord is not completely bad when compared to its rival Ford Fusion, the car is more affordable and spacious with sufficient economy in all aspects.

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